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Sam McKing [ Diana Valeria • Photography ]

I love you Dianita! :) you're so special for me!
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Sam McKing
Sam McKing Jan 26, 2011
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Sam McKing - [ScottyDakota • Photography]
Sam McKing
Sam McKing Jan 19, 2011

Sam McKing - Buzznet is a community of pop culture addicts, music lovers and trendsetters who come together to share millions of creative photos, videos and blogs. Sam McKing…
Sam McKing
Sam McKing Jan 16, 2011

Scotty Dakota - Photography

I love you Scott I had fun with this photoshoot ... taken and edited by : Scott Dakota & Sam McKing
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Sam McKing
Sam McKing Jan 07, 2011

Andy Miller - Photography

I love you Andy!!
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Sam McKing
Sam McKing Jan 07, 2011

Craig Valentine - Photography

Thank you, Craig you were a nice photographer I was modeling for you only ;) and Thanks for giving me the chance to show how good I…
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Sam McKing
Sam McKing Jan 07, 2011
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About Me:

This is the real Sam Love's Buzznet!

Hello Everybody! Welcome to my world a place where you can know about me.
I invite you to read my blogs, give me your opinions about them and buzz them if it's possible Click "Suggest to be featured”.

Besides, I upload amazing photos and videos for you only! And I was wondering if you'd mind leaving some comments on them.

Note: Long time a lovely girl asked me for downloading my photos and I said: " Sure, as long as you do not edit them”.

By the way, I love when people make me signs and I wonder if you could send your sign to this buzznet by message.
For me signs = support.

Well, I just can say "welcome aboard". I'll always mega love you as long as you do not cheat on me!”…

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Love, Pisces , Real, A living anime character, Too gorgeous for one gender, Everything you hate to love and everything you love to hate, Hyper Happy, Sometimes I usually get bipolar,

Listen when you talk if you are a f**king Fake, give a shit, wanna marry you, or believe its not butter

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